Annie Deppe

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Annie Deppe is the author of SITTING IN THE SKY (Summer Palace Press, Ireland, 2003). She has a poem in the Forward Book of Poetry 2004 (the English / Irish equivalent of the Pushcart) and SITTING IN THE SKY was named one of the best books of the year by Philip Hobsbaum (whose workshop at Queens once included Seamus Heaney and Michael Longley.) She teaches poetry at Eastern Connecticut State University.


At first I knew her only as “that quiet girl.” This was Vassar
back in '32, and already she was rumoured to write poems.
She sat behind me at convocation where she tapped
her foot against my chair as Edna St Vincent Millay

read, no, declaimed her verses. Next evening,
a knock at my tower room door. What did you
think of Edna St Cheesecake Millay? I lit the silver chafing-dish,
let blue spirit flames heat Welsh rarebit.

A moth beat against my lampshade as we dismantled
the new Baudelaire translations. Later, we climbed the metal ladder
to the slant roof-top. Bish leaned against the chimney and smoked,

pointed out the Seven Sisters. Writing, it seemed, might be our lives.
But Annie, you should have seen me up there, gazing out
over the edge, bracing my feet against those iron Victorian rails.

© Annie Deppe

From SITTING IN THE SKY (Summer Palace Press, Ireland, 2003).